Top 10 habits of highly successful people

If you want to become a millionaire or even a billionaire, you gotta dress the part, look the part, walk the part but most importantly, you gotta think like one. A while ago, someone very successful challenged me, saying, becoming a billionaire is very easy my man, if you could think and do what a billionaire does, you will become one yourself.

That can’t possibly be true can it. Or is it not? Let’s find out. If you ever notice like I have, you will probably realize that the majority, if not all the most successful individuals have a certain way of doing things.

After following and studying how self-made millionaires and billionaires carry themselves around. There are some things that are peculiar about them, things they do which keep them on top of the game, even accumulating more and more whilst the rest keep falling behind.

There is no big secret here, it all comes down to Habits. Because your habits make up your character and your character is the one that shapes your destiny. If you really want to become wealthy, I have for you, the top 10 habits of the super rich, habits that can transform your life from mediocrity to success.

Without further do, let’s get right into it.

1. They are early risers

Although this is not done by all of them, most successful people are early risers we can’t deny. Richard Branson of the Virgin Atlantic Airline and Microsoft founder Bill Gates say, they are up by 5:30 a.m.

Waking up early keeps you ahead of the pack. You will realize that, when you wake up early, you tend to get a lot done. I myself used to hit the snooze button at least three times before actually getting out of bed. Ever since I gave up on this habit, I have time to exercise in the morning, meditate and prepare a healthy breakfast without rushing around like a headless chicken like you do when you wake up long after the sun has risen.

Remember, approximately everyone’s performance peaks during the early hours of the day. This is the time to take control of your day, before all the noise and troubles that everyone brings up.

Indians gurus also say that, there is a divine experience associated with the early morning, preferably the sunrise or just before it. The experience helps you to have a piece of mind and energize you for the day ahead.

2. They plan their day

“Well planned if half done” is a phrase commonly used in France, Italy, Germany and other countries and it’s implications must never be undermined. In order for your day be as productive, it surely needs to be well planned.

You may have the structure of your day in your head but for me personally, I prefer things written down.

Having a schedule actually helps you to improve on your discipline, you don’t omit important tasks and you actually get things done. Even better, write the schedule for your day the night before, this will enable you to wake up already geared and there is a higher probability that you will actually get things done.

3. They avoid negatives in the morning


Tom Bilyeu says, if you win the first hours of the day you have won the day. Sadly, most people when they wake up, the first thing they do is to check their phones, check out the latest tweets, emails and messages. This might not seem much but all it does is to put you in reactive mode.

Turn on the TV in the morning and the sky is always falling on the news, someone has been shot, someone has been raped, someone that, it’s all bad news. Such negative events will knock you hard into believing how evil the world is and shift your focus from your goal for the day.

After all, your mind is your ‘recycling’ tool. What you put in is what you will get out. The mind is a faithful servant but it is a bad master. Because they understand this, thus most successful people try to avoid negative and non-productive things as much as possible.

4. They read, read and read.

” Leaders are readers” – Harry S. Truman. This is very true for all highly successful people, they simply read a lot.

The world’s greatest investor Warren Buffet says he spends about 5-6 hours everyday reading books, newspapers and biographies.Mr Buffet actually reads a thousand pages a day. Surely, he attributes his success to the power of reading.

When he was only 19, Buffet read the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (his mentor). I have to admit, this is a relatively long book for any teenager trust me, I read it as well. Warren says, this is the most educative and profound book he has ever read on investing.

Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year and actually goes on a 2-week vacation per year, to read. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that he was upping his game in terms of reading. It surely looks like, there is no room for the lazy. The world’s richest man right now, Jeff Bezos started Amazon when he had read in a newspaper that the internet was growing at an enormous rate .

Here is an interesting question though, are these people successful because they read or it’s the other way round? Well, either way, these super rich are surely addicted to the book.

When you read, you are actually acquiring knowledge that someone acquired over a long period, you get to learn from the people who have been through similar situations and how they made it. As Frederick Douglass says, once you learn to read, you will forever be free, knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.

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4. They spend time with like-minded people

“You are an average of the five people you spend your time with”.

Former monk Jay Shetty says, if you want to be a millionaire spend time with millionaires and if you want to be a billionaire spend time with billionaires. If you are aspiring to be very successful spend time with successful people. Period

Some time ago, I used to hate rich people. I used to think they are full of themselves, pompous and just want to hang around with only those comparable to them and never with the rest. To my surprise, when I switched my mentality from the victim mindset, I began to understand why. I began to hate the very people I used to hang around with. I suddenly found out, they were always complaining, blaming the economy and the government, being victimized by somebody every day and never taking responsibility. Our ideas were now different and I now desired people with different views as well.

Simply put, millionaires hang with millionaires not because of pride, not because of arrogance but simply because they share similar views, goals and they get motivation in doing so as well. So do billionaires.

5. They don’t go with the crowd

“If you follow the crowd, you will end up where the crowd is going which is usually nowhere”

I have discovered this especially among billionaires. When it comes to ‘misbehaving’, they are the best. Billionaires have got the tendency of betting against all odds, standing their ground and pushing to get the environment to suit their own vision.

The masses are always looking for comfort, assurance and a guarantee in all. And more often than not, they are wrong. For the parallel world of the highly successful, different rules apply. Playing it safe is not their favorite of things,

When everyone else folds back and play spectator, they are tackling the most fearsome, going beyond limits and taking risks, all because they want to be in full control over their lives, actions and freedom.

6. The never take things for granted.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

When it comes to detail, you just can’t compete with a billionaire. They never overlook anything no matter how small and it’s for this reason that they pick up the smallest of small things and build something astonishing. If you look at Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and even all the most successful, they know their numbers, products, markets, teams, finances, expenditures and everything just to perfection.

Self made millionaires and billionaires sweat the smallest stuff, striving for improvement day after day, even to better the most negligible aspects of their businesses and lives as a whole.

This brings me to my next habit, may sound the same but it’s different

7. Are always on the look out

When it comes to investment opportunities they are always on the look out, when it comes to markets their eyes are wide open, when it comes to trusting other people they never blink, in everything they are always alert.

In the book, be obsessed or be average, Grant Cardone speaks about his friend who is always ready to make the deal. Everytime when his friend meet someone new, he asks everything, all that the person has to offer and if possible he gets contact details and push for the deal.

This behavior is customary among most successful people, more often than not, thy are always having a pen and a journal or tablet to take down important details and act instantly for those opportunities that flash for a short time.

Even when it comes to trusting and choosing business partners, successful people are always looking out for misdemeanors. In my opinion, this is probably because, their achievements, wealth and possessions tend to always be a target for many and so as a result, they always stay on high alert for any potential threat.

8. They are ruthless when it comes to their time

When it comes to time, billionaires in particular are literally ruthless about theirs, they never want it wasted. They always focus on how they can do something in the shortest time or how to do more in the shortest time possible, after all there are only 24 hours in a day.

Grant Cardone says, I bought a private jet so that I take time out of the equation. Sounds a bit cocky but, if we take a look at the output of an average person and compare it to a very successful individual, it would look like one has got a hundred hours a day whilst the other has less than twenty-four.

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt every day, he says that’s because he doesn’t want to waste time trying to figure out which shirt or suit to wear. That’s genius.

It’s written all over their actions.  


9. They build strong relationships

Our relationships are the most important, they either make or break us. When it comes to building and maintaining strong relationships, successful people are particularly good. Not only do so with those in their league but also with those that are way below them.

Probably due to the fact that they are charismatic in nature, they have got an ability to connect with anyone anytime. It might sound like manipulative, but highly successful people actually treat everyone as if they were millionaires, holding them in high status and showing appreciation.

When I was working at one private Medical Imaging center, I noticed how the owner of the center was open and amicable even to the least respectable people, the janitorial staff. He would bring everyone gifts every Friday and deliver them personally.

Initially, this surprised me, how the top most person was very close even to the least significant person on the organization. After some time I began to notice also how everyone loved and appreciated such a working environment. It is no doubt that, the company continues to grow and become more profitable as a result.

10. They take great care of themselves

“Cars you can have many, houses you can have many, money you can have in abundance but your body is only one. Take great care of it” – Warren Buffet

There isn’t really a much to say about this, your body is your temple and is the most important. Successful individuals are strict with everything they do to themselves. They eat health foods, they exercise regularly, watch the right movies, read books that inspire them or help them to grow.

Mark Zuckerberg does not mind spending millions on his security team, not for the fun of it, not for show off but for his safety and security. Moreover, when the rich buy those big expensive SUV cars, it’s not only because they can afford them it’s also because of how safe they are (in case anything happens).



Thank you for taking your time to read and since you have read this far, I have got a Bonus tip for you

11. They are generous givers

“The best experience we have had in our lives is giving away our wealth” – Bill &Melinda; Gates

There is the popular myth that the rich only give to charity so that they don’t pay taxes. Come on, don’t be so jealousy, that is so not true, the math doesn’t work that way. You only do not pay taxes for that dollar which you give, not for the rest.

Bill gates has given away billions to charity organization, Tony Robbins has given millions of meals away, Jeff Bezos has this year given over 2 billion dollars to charities, Strive Masiyiwa gives over 40 million a year to less privileged people. The list goes on and on and is just endless.

I also have started the habit of giving to other people and so should YOU. Blessed is him that gives.

I am now challenging you to start of these habits yourself if you haven’t already. Take your time, practice one habit at a time and remember, if you could think and do what a billionaire does, you will become one yourself.

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Thank you once again for taking your time to read this article. Please leave a comment below and do let me know your habits for success as well.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 habits of highly successful people

  1. bakisani

    i liked tip number 5 .Mark Cuban says ‘if you want to win just go the opposite direction .if 10 people go to the right just be among the 2 people who go left because its easy to win just you are fighting against 1man ‘.thank you the tips are eye opening

  2. This is a really good post, filled with great information. I need to up my game and spend more energy on creating a millionaire life for myself. Your tips are the perfect place for me to start because they offer me the information I need to follow so I can achieve my dreams. Many thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

    1. I am glad you found the article informative bro. I am also happy that you are challenging yourself to start practicing these habits yourself. I look forward to hear from you killing it. Thank you

  3. Great advice, and the great givers is true. I saw on google that their #1 hobby is philantrophy.I am sure that is partly because the universe operates on giving and taking balance and they pay attention. Plus taxes I guess.

    1. You are absolutely right, there is no such a thing as something is given for nothing or the other way round, you have to give something in order to get something. Thank for very much.

  4. Palm Thanks for a great blog. This is a timely reminder of what people can achieve if they focus there mind on it

    1. You certainly are right. I hope that you focus on achieving that which you are aiming for.

  5. This is a good one I hardly find. Reading makes you swipe the experiences of others and by which you can duplicate the good out.
    To write the schedule for the day the night before is definitely realistic and thanks for the reminder.

    Getting up early is another crest that one can practice having more time at one’s fingertip, and I have been thinking of it lately.

    I was very minute about what you suggested to be a bonus for having read through and wondered if I had missed your bonus.
    Well, the entire article is a motivation-kicker. I look forward to more pieces of your stuff.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you have found the article informative and profound. I believe it’s our habits that have the power to change our lives for the better. I look forward to hear from you making it big.

  6. Andrew A.

    This is an eye-opener: I am now in soul-searching mode and I am finding that my good habit score is like 2 out of 10. Not good and not productive.
    But you give some very sound advice, which is: “Try to take one habit at a time”. and this is what I am going to do.

    I would also like to focus on the following excerpt:

    ” began to hate the very people I used to hang around with. I suddenly found out, they were always complaining, blaming the economy and the government, being victimized by somebody every day and never taking responsibility.”

    Hey, I could not agree more, it is damn true. And I will go on to say that these people will be your friends only for as long as your life is lousy.
    As soon as you start being a little successful, they will die of envy and tell you that you have changed. Does changing mean not sharing mediocrity any longer?

    Well, to sum it up: you listed 10 golden rules + a bonus one, but that excerpt is the icing on the cake.

    1. Thank you Andrew. I think you are on the right track taking time to learn the habits of successful people one at a time. I assure you, in no time, you will killing it and will see your life turning around. I hope you are going to keep up the vibes to mastering these habits. Do keep me posted on your progress. Thank you

  7. #10 is something i’m not particularly good at, but it’s something i’m making a conscious effort to change. As for reading…. does reading crime novels count?

    Great post! i feel like there’s so much room for improvement on my side, even somehting as simple as not looking at my phone first in the morning.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. Of course there is so much room for improvement. I am glad that you are making an effort to try and better yourself, I am sure you with practice, you will get good at it.

      About reading crime novels, remember your mind is your treasure, it is a vineyard such that, you get out what you put in. Remember also, your mind is a loyal servant, not only does it accept anything give it but it also gives back that which you put in. I personally don’t think there is a problem with reading crime novels here and there (maybe to stretch your mind and relax) but I think you should read MOSTLY self development, educative, success and inspiring books e.t.c.

      I look forward to hear from you crushing it to success.
      Thank you

  8. Fantastic information here! I have to agree with you on getting up early. I get so much done in my day by starting before the rest of the pack.This also becomes difficult sometimes though since getting to bed earlier is required to maintain this habit.

    You are also spot on when you say that leaders are readers! I can’t tell you how many people would do so much better if they had an active habit of reading on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing, this has really gotten me thinking!

    1. Thank you bro.
      The good thing is, you can these habits yourself, anyone can. As Tai Lopez says, the best thing is to learn from those who have already made it and you can definitely do so by studying them and imitating their habits and behaviors. I look forward to here from you killing it man.

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