How to make money using the Fastlane

It is no surprise that the number of people breaking the million dollar mark is incredibly increasing each and every year (with over 500 000 people making over 1 million dollars their yearly income in America alone in 2017). Unlike during the 20th century and before when it was infinitely difficult for most to enter the million dollar dimension, there are increasingly various ways in which people can make money now and lots of it in a very short period without using the traditional methods.

Why the traditional methods are flawed

Before the industrial revolution, almost everyone was working as an entrepreneur. Most were working in the land, the King`s fields but it was not like they would get paid by the king himself no, actually it was the other way round. It is the king who would get proceeds from the workers and would only receive them as a form of tribute in recognition of being allowed to use his land. That’s definitely not the situation today, its a trap.

Now, due to the technological advancements into the industrial age, there became a need for the people to get the appropriate skills that would enable them to operate the machines in the industry. They would then get paid as a result of working there. There was no problem with this and everyone was satisfied with such a system.

The problem however is that, now we are in the information century/era and people are still clinging to the industrial era approach of wanting to work in the industries. Over the years it has become very clear that working in the industries is of no benefit anymore due to tax reductions, flawed retirements plans and mutual funds investments that depend on some stock market and cruel inflation, the benefits initially promised are a mere illusion.

It was supposed that after working for 40 or so years one would retire safely and land onto a retirement plan but the number of people who continue to work far beyond the retirement age (65) is drastically increasing. This is due to the fact that these people have nothing to show for their 40 years at work, nothing to the so extend that if they stop working then they are doomed.

The world has changed and remains even so due to the latest technologies but our so called educational system has not. The majority of the people are failing to adapt to this change. Parents are still encouraging investing large amounts of money and even go into huge debts for the so purpose of getting a safe and secure job whilst they themselves are living their lives in uncertainty and misery, having sleepless night worrying about unpaid mortgages, bills and debts. It is so clear that the system has failed us.

The fastlane to wealth

According to MJ DeMarco, there is a fast way to financial freedom that can be applied in order for one to attain financial freedom for themselves. The fastlane can be applied by anyone regardless of age or race or educational background. In fact, it does not require fancy formal education at all.

Against the idea that wealthy is dependent on age, it is not so anymore, a twenty-year old can become a millionaire. There is no prerequisite for age in order for one to become rich. The fastlane however in not a get rich overnight scheme, but rather a systematical way of creating long-lasting wealthy and fulfillment.

Of course, they are some exceptions like the likes of Mark Zuckerberg who made a fortune by developing a billion dollar social platform but you don’t necessarily need to be like him in order to make it big as well. What we should understand is that success is never a mistake. Yes there is a fast way to become rich but it does not come by accident.

In the millionaire fastlane, DeMarco writes bout how he first saw a Lamborghini down the road, something he had never pictured in his wildest dreams seeing it. He got motivated by how the young man who had the monster car handled himself as DeMarco watched each and every movement of the car. He was greatly motivated by this event and ever since, he dreamt of owning one himself sooner or later.

How to develop the fastlane mindset

Special Thanks to your brain that does not recognize the difference between a real event and something you are merely thinking of. Be it right or wrong, good or bad, your mind takes that which it observes or thinks as reality and starts to work in accordance to such an event or in order to achieve the state of such being a reality. You can therefore use this to your advantage.

The fastlane itself is not so of a fast way to wealthy, at least not the overnight myth. First of all, one should have the dream to be financially free. If you can dream it you can do it. Having a clear dream and a robust vision is the first quick step to wealth, your dream needs to be clarified.

After it has been clarified, a deadline to achieve your dream has to be set thereby translating your dream into a goal. At this moment, do not worry much about how you are going to get there, just put a deadline to your dream.

Moreover, there is need to activate your most important tool to financial freedom `your mind` so that it can make you your desire money. You should start visualizing yourself already in possession of the things you want to own, houses, cars and property e.t.c. There is an amazing energy that arises when you visualize yourself living your dream. Make this a daily habit and don’t get demoralized by the current situation, it didn’t take one day to build Rome.


I am Rich, I am Wealthy, I am Healthy, I am Happy. There is a tremendous power associated with a repeated saying that implies that “I am…” you are whatever you want to become. This maybe regarded as a present lie but nothing stops it from being a future truth. The process of attaining the wealthy is only the 20%, your psychology constitutes the 80% and so you condition it, grill it and make it comply so that it can work to get you whatever that you desire.

Do yourself a favor and develop the habit of telling yourself that you already are rich, you already are a millionaire and not only will this increase your esteem but it will give you the power to go for your dreams.

Make money using the fastlane and retire young and rich

The beauty of the fastlane is that it affords you to create financial freedom for yourself in a relatively short period and retire young and rich. Trust me when I say that, since the fastlane is not so a get rich pretty fast scheme, it is not for everyone. There is need for vast amount of ACTION to be taken by the dreamer for any results to manifest.

Now you have to learn all you can about money, learn how to manage it, learn how to keep it and then how investing in it. Never miss an opportunity that can make you grow. Do not settle for a single thing or one way to earn money, get up and go find as many ways to make money as possible. You should find yourself a mentor, someone who is already there in order to learn from him quickly how he got there.

However, your ultimate goal here is to create a system that can run and give you money without you necessarily being present. Passive income is the slogan that will accelerate your journey to create wealth. You can learn to start and you should invest and learn how to build an online business. Invest in knowledge society or wealthy affiliate in learning how to create a profitable business online, be willing to grow, go outside your comfort zone and push yourself and do every day at least one thing that makes you money and takes you closer to your dream.

The fastlane to wealthy is for everyone

Do not be worried about what looks like right now, focus your eyes on the price, immerse yourself wholly into your goal, learn the necessary skills, work hard and be prepared to fail here and there but never take your eyes off your target.  

The cream shall rise to the Top, Meet you at the top.




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