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If asked to choose one and not both, would you prefer to have all the money in the world and be really unhappy or be happy but broke to the last digit ? This is an interesting question which I bet only very few can answer at impulse, happiness and money are paramount in our modern world and often go hand in hand. But what if one could actually have both, wouldn’t it be great ?. So great that I am going to introduce you to the basic principles of how one can master the game of money and achieve financial freedom and fulfillment.

What does money mean to youwhat money means to you

Is money neutral or does it vary from person to person. This remains a debatable topic from the beginning of time but the bottom line is we all need money at one point in time if not at all points According to George Clason in his ever popular, the Richest man in Babylon, money is the measure of earthly success. I tend to agree with him though I am still exploring if one can really be a success in life without attaining its so called measure (money).

Unless you were born in some wealthy family, I like to believe that at one point in time you have been deprived of certain privileges be it needs or wants or even both of them and probably didn’t feel very good with the feeling of lack. It should have felt like a little of money would be a rescue to it all.

Do you ever imagine yourself with all the money you need or just enough of it to create the life of your dreams, what would it feel like to have it, where would you go and with who. The question still remains, what does money really mean to you. To me it would be the freedom, living life on my own terms (the life in abundance that the bible speaks of if you are a christian or at least have read that scripture) and I am sure that your meaning too is not very far from mine because money is a defense (both literally and metaphorically).


Now that we have addressed what money means, it is now probably pretty clear why it should be prioritized in our day to day living. It is no doubt that on average, people with money tend to live longer as a result of better life styles (diet, exercise and cleaner air) better medication and probably a lot riskier living and working environments.

If money can afford you all that then definitely should be at least one of your lifetime. The world is there for us to be explored, discovered and learnt from, everyone has the right to live their lives happily, helping others in the process and be fulfilled. Lack is never a good thing and one of the most sorrowful things is to bring children into a world of lack, deprivation of a quality life and sorrow hence the unquestionable need for at least enough money.

The importance of understanding the game of money

Once upon a time, there were two man, one much old and the younger. Now as they sat down one day, there came a rich man who wanted to have two similar trees cut down, each cutting one and pointed out that, he who would cut down his tree the fastest would get ten pieces of gold and the other would get to. Now the young man stood up right away, took an axe and sat on but the old man went at a distant, found a rock and a few stones, started him axe.

After an hour of cutting the tree, the old man was still sharpening his axe and only finished after an hour and half. The young man was sweating profusely and still cutting, trying all the tricks he knew. The old man then came over to his tree, set his perfectly sharpened and blazing axe to work and took down the tree in half an hour with very little sweat to show for it. On the other hand, the young man took his tree down after three hours, with blisters on his hand and tried to death. The moral of the story is, it is more efficient to gather the necessary knowledge and tools needed for any job to be wisely and efficiently executed.

So before we jump into the money making section, it is important to first understand the game of money. The rules that apply in any game also apply in the money game, first understand the game itself. It is paramount to understand what money is and how you can make it come to you.

Secondly one should master the rules of the game, how make money, how to keep the money you make and how to make it multiply for you. And lastly how you can tilt the odds to your advantage in the game of money. According to Warren Buffet, one is sure to loose money if they are to involve themselves in an arena of money they are not fully acquainted with. It is a very basic and yet fundamental principle, that if you don’t know what you are doing then you are just gambling and when gambling its highly likely that you loose or that you win just to later loose miserably.

How you can position yourself to earn more money, tilting the odds balancing odds


Before any action to `invent` money can be done, and probably the most basic principle of the game is to get your thinking right. This applies to any aspect of life if true success is to be achieved. Studies show that the actual activities in money making comprise only 20% otherwise the 80% is done in the mind. You first have to believe that you can, commonly said as, believe you can and you are half-way there.

In the book, the secret, it states that and why it is true that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. It is because the Universe is governed by the law of attraction, what you constantly think of yourself is what you become. Start visualizing yourself in your dream car today, beyond ordinary and living the life of your dreams.

The mere belief in yourself will take you through the set backs and challenges you are going to face. It first has to be in the inside for it to be outside. In this world, no one cares about you except yourself, you have to identify yourself, clearly define your goals and believe in yourself, literally standing in front of the mirror every morning or whenever, to tell yourself that YES I CAN, and for sure you can.

The steps to financial freedomSteps to freedom

After we have dealt and positioned our mind for desired wealthy its now time to put it to actual work. Because money is an idea, an idea that is wisely executed and because we have plenty of ideas each day, the field is open for you to greatness.


  1. Getting your finances in order. First you need to be aware of everything about your finances, how much you owe, how much you have and who owes you money.

2. Planning your finances. The common mistakes people make is they never plan their finances, when they get paid they first spend and then want to save what’s left, this is a mistake. Create a budget for yourself before you get paid, put money aside for your savings first and then spend what’s left.

3. Reducing your expenses. No matter how much you make, if you just spend it all then definitely you will be left with nothing and needy.

4. Investing in yourself. For you to be able to grow your income, you need to invest in yourself first, get a mentor or a coach, work for someone who is successful, attend money management and personal development seminars, purchase financial, business and accounting courses even online, learn about sales and psychology, read and learn all you can about money.

5. Exercise discipline. The most important and one thing that will get you there is immense discipline. Immerse yourself in your work, take care of your body, your diet, take cold showers in the morning, learn to meditate and learn to delay gratification.

6. Starting a side business. One thing all the successful people have in common is the ability to take risks, calculated risks. You can start an online business at Wealthy Affiliate now, here

and starting your own business is one of them. You just can not save your way to financial freedom so the money that you have saved has to be invested in a well thought, well researched and well planned business of your own.


See you on the other side

At this moment, the sky is really the limit. Don’t limit yourself to small goals only, go and explore the world that is around you, don’t let those with nothing tell you can’t, you are an unlimited being with unlimited potential. Put you shoulders on the wheel today, start action now and see you on the other side.

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