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Hie everyone, its Palm and welcome to my “how money really works” blog. You are going to be introduced, if you have not that is or to be empowered if you have already been introduced to `what it really takes to make money flow to you and how so.


So someone once to be told me, no one really cares about me as much as I think or as much as I would like them to. Everyone on the planet is trying to become somebody. The way to do so is to have a lot of money because, money is the measure of earthly success.

However, when I was growing up, it was a middle class family, we could afford a fairly comfortable life but definitely not the best affordable. Me and my young sister grew older, in high school now, things began to tighten up financially for my parents despite both of the working as teachers. My parents had been civil servants for over 10 years but still couldn’t afford a house of their own.

After high school, when it was now time for college, we would struggle to get the fees as always but we got some help from our aunt (who is no degree holder or learned whats over). I always wondered how come my parents were degree and diploma holders but couldn’t make it even close to my aunt (who`s a hustler I believe) she has her own house in the city and runs a small business from home.

Since I was so good in school, my goal when I got to university was to get a first class degree, go on and do a Masters and so forth but, It was then that came across the documentary on “The secret”. This documentary blew my mind, I started to follow its principles, doing the affirmations almost every day until it became an obsession. I so wanted to become rich by this time.

I remember in my second year in college I started calling myself Palmillionaire (self-proclaimed). I began to read books about life, money and success during this time. Some books I read were secrets of the millionaire mind, think and grow rich, 21 secrets to develop the millionaire mindset, secrets of success and so many books, I read even biography of the world’s richest almost everyday.

I was ready to quit school by this time, unfortunately I had nothing solid to go onto. Moreover, I did try to sell energy drinks in school, I failed. I tried to be the pizza deliverer in the school but also failed. I tried Forex trading but oops, it was a nightmare to me, but one thing for sure is I didn’t give up, I couldn’t.

I kept searching for every opportunity to generate income, with time I began to have some success (little though). I took it upon myself ahead to look for online ways to make money online, I have to admit that the first months, I got trapped in scams, until I got introduced to affiliate marketing….BOOM!!



When I was growing up, as the firstborn of the family I used to travel with my parents a lot. We would go to church and activities together. I remember one day in primary school learning about the importance and how God wants us to help one another. To my surprise though, my parents were devout Christians but not even on a single day did I see them giving even a cent to those burgers on street corners or where ever.

This puzzled me, because myself I had the zeal and the wish to give to these people but I had non to give to them. On the other hand, I could not ask my parents why they weren’t helping these kinds of people because I was afraid. But from that time I told myself that when I grow up, I wanna be helping these kinds of people, maybe have an orphanage as well.

So here I am now, in a position where I am able to help individuals to become financially independent and escape the poverty trap, the universal rat race. I believe that anyone can become financially free with the right mindset, tools and mentors.



My site is therefore aimed at equipping everyone who is willing to create a life for themselves with the right tools (books and documentaries) so that their journey success has got a firm foundation and is well guided.

Someone once said that, the more you learn, the more you earn so I believe that if one is to become financially free then learning should be their number one priority. This website therefore is to provide you with such relevant knowledge for your successful journey to financial freedom.

All the best,



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