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Are you happy with your life? Are you where you want to be in life or you have regrets about the path you have been following? If possible, would you want to go back in time and change something(s) ? If you answered yes, sorry to break it to you but, it is lame to wish to go back in time whatsoever, you simply can’t. But here is what you can change, 8 main reasons that might be keeping you from become rich.

1. You were not taught about money growing up

Whether in school or at home, what did they tell you about money when you were young? Money is the root of all evil I guess, or is it ? Unless you grew up in a wealthy family, chances are, no one actually ever taught you how money works.

Your parents told you that school was the answer to everything. In school you were taught to write essays, chemistry, how to find the mass of the earth, all this so that you can work at company and get paid. If they were teaching you to make money then how come they never taught you about the money itself.

Yes you were educated, very much so, only one problem – you were very much mis-educated – Dr Myles Monroe. You were taught do only according to the syllabus, to follow rules and never to go outside these or else get punished. But life is not about that, life does not reward “good guys”, people who never question anything in life. It’s actually the opposite.

Money does not want to be played safe with. In the Bible, there is a parable that talks about talents. In the end the moral lesson is, to him who has less, if he does not make use of it, it shall be taken from him and given to he who knows how to use and multiply it.

One thing for sure is, you will never win big if you are looking to minimize your losses.

2. You do not think money is that important.

“Money is not everything” ! Yes, I do not think that money is everything myself, it can not be everything, in fact is there anything that is everything in this world ?

I think money is actually the only thing of its kind, it is right up there with oxygen as absolute needs for one to live. Needless to say that in the modern world and even ever since, the world runs on money, everything is either done with money or for the money.

Of course in school you were told that you should not focus on the money, it’s not that important right. Just work hard and the money will follow you, WRONG! money is not blind, it won’t follow.

Money is such an important thing to have because it can take care of you, take care of your family, you never have to worry about some debts and bills to the extent of having sleepless nights again. Therefore money should be prioritized. Check out, Money Matters here

3. You do not take full responsibility of your finances.

If there is one single reason why a lot of people are broke in every aspect is the lack of financial planning. Most people do not have a problem with making money but they just never plan how to use, keep or where to put (invest) it.

I hear a lot of people blaming their boss, the economy, or the government, literally everything they can point at. Surprisingly, they are never at fault according to them, there is always something else for their failure.

With this mindset I tell you, don’t even think about becoming rich. If you aren’t being responsible for yourself, how will you be responsible with other people`s money ? One thing for sure is, for you to become rich, people should be able to trust you with their money.

4. All you think is spending

Most people when they get paid, all what they think of is where and what to spend their money on. As a result, they have non of it left. The problem is not the spending itself, we all need to spend some money anyway but spending money on things that are not really necessary is the issue, extravagance so to say.

In his book, the Millionaire fastlane,  MJ DeMarco says, it is high time for you switch from the consumer team to the producer team. There is no reward in consuming without ever producing something yourself. But because we want to live the life we can’t afford, to compete with the Hollywood stars, all we do is slavishly spent money on fancy stuff.

As a result of their uncontrolled spending habits, many people actually buy things they can not afford with the money they don’t have – buying things on credit. Needless to say that spending money loosely will make you broke.

5. You always and only want to work for someone else

As you were taught, go to school, get good grades and find a good, high paying job. The problem with this statement are those two misleading words, good and high. How good is a good job and how high paying is a high paying job. As far as I am concerned, athletes, actors and artists are the highest paid people individuals.

Unless you are to become a professional athlete, or highly skilled doctor or lawyer, you should really consider looking out and start your own business, even a side business. To just experience of taking full responsibility and how it feels to run your own business. You can go ahead and start an online business at Wealthy Affiliate.

You really need to give up the lazy mentality, it won’t get you anywhere !

6. You don’t know and don’t want to learn how to make money without a job.

What would you do if you were to get fired today ? Would you go crying and cursing your boss for being cruel as hell to fire you or you like most people usually do. Not to say that it doesn’t hurt but in as much, it doesn’t help either to cry over spilt milk. You should be a man,  pick yourself up and take it from there.

The problem is not about getting fired, the problem is how you react to getting fired. Unfortunately most of us where never taught how to make money outside their job. And to make it worse, they don’t even make the effort to learn how to or invest in making extra money.

Who knows, maybe one day this extra money will become your main source. Stop over relying on your job and find something else to make you money. Take that action today. Take action here 

7. You do not like rich people.

This might sound far fetched, to say, what has someone else to do with me becoming rich? Yes it has. Whether you believe it or not, you will never become rich if you don’t like rich people. But seriously, how possible is it to become something you don’t like.

You were told that rich people are greedy, they are selfish and inconsiderate. Surprisingly, people who say this are those who don’t have a single dime themselves. But simply because you are lazy and comfortable comfort zone, you quickly jump onto this myth and guess what, you will never get rich, simple.

But wait a minute, what do most rich people do with their money ? They donate funds to those in needy, billionaires like Bill Gates are eradicating diseases on entire continents, they work hard to provide essential services to make the world a better place and yet someone still insists that they are evil ? Does this mean that they should give you the wealth they have sweated for just so that people can say they are good, if you are thinking that forget it, also forget about ever becoming rich yourself!

8. You simply are selfish

I know this is controversial, that`s why I gave it as the last. But really there is nothing controversial here. You do not becoming rich holding on to what you have or whatsoever. You have to learn to give.

I actually from what richest man ever to live on the planet wrote in one of his writings. Yes I am talking about King Solomon here and not only was he the richest, he was also extremely wise. He stresses out that, withholding things to yourself and only expecting to receive from other people will only make you poor.

King Solomon used to receive gifts from everyone who came to see him. He received gold, silver, all other precious stones and other things but guess what he would do. He was always giving advice, words of wisdom and gifts to those who gave him gifts.

If you provide a product or service to the people, you are giving them, and in return they will give you some money, simple. If you want to be rich, you should give up selfishness and become a giver or producer yourself.

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Thank you for taking some time to read the article, I hope you don’t want to kill me right now but actually have learnt something. Please leave a comment below. 

9 thoughts on “8 Reasons why you will never be rich – Millionaire Mentor

  1. Thanks for a great Article. Money is something we all need in this world to survive but some people just survive and some people do the opposite they live life to the full enjoying everything with gratitude. I agree that education is key and what we grow up learning in our young lives often creates our limiting beliefs and our misuse of money. Learning how to care for money and grow it often comes from our childhoods. One of the most wonderful things about people who have money is that they have the ability to help others. Thanks for the great read.

    1. Thank you very much hey. I would definitely take a look at your article. Thank you

  2. Dan


    Great article. Personally, I have found that success online is a combination of strategy and mental state. That is, being able to admit when something isn’t working – yet remaining determined to keep moving forward and not give up.

    Thanks for the info again.

  3. Hi
    Very interesting post. I think you are on track with what you are saying. Some of your sentences are a bit hard to read. You are being clever with word play which is good, but I had to go over some paragraphs a couple of times to really get what you were saying. You are obviously very passionate about this. I think you are on track and know your subject matter.

    1. Thank you very much hey. I am looking to improve the writing as you mentioned and I appreciate your feedback. Thank you

  4. Chas Guevara

    Some people are perfectly happy working for others and are not lazy. My dad worked two and three jobs his whole life to support his family…that doesn’t make him lazy. He just didn’t have the knowledge to start his own business. I think you are clearly passionate about the make money niche, but some of the information was hard to digest because of the sentence structure. I do find that many people without money do spend crazily and blame others for their financial failures. You have some valid points.

    1. Thank you very much Chas. I really appreciate your feedback. I will try hard to improve my writing as you have said, I believe I will and it takes time. Thank you very much

  5. This is a thought provoking article that really makes me look at myself and changes that I need to make. The points you make are real and in order to get more out of life these reasons can’t be held as excuses. Thank you for making this so plain.

    1. I am glad you got some heads up there. Sometimes it’s so irritating when you keep failing at something but you can’t really figure out why. Thank you for the feedback.

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